Dizziness after using ipad

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2019-10-13 22:03

Feeling dizzy or nausea after using iPad? YuanLin Is it just me or someone else also feels dizzy or nausea after using iPad for a while?Mobile Telephones Can Cause Dizziness, Nausea and Headaches With all of the recent negative studies an the possible risks of using mobile telephones, a UK researcher is questioning why more appropriate research is not being done in this area. dizziness after using ipad

Sep 29, 2013 Forbes 400 America's Richest When she began to use her iPad again, a common form of vertigo which may develop after sudden movements of the head,

dizziness after using

Sep 30, 2013  iOS7 Making You Dizzy? Heres WhyAnd a Fix. some iPhone and iPad users are getting motion sickness and vertigo from the new operating system. Sep 05, 2017 Second, I get the same symptoms (dizziness and nausea) when I read ebooks on my iPad (which has a back light), Computer Monitors and Dizzinessdizziness after using ipad Is it just me or someone else also feels dizzy or nausea after using iPad for a while? I guess it might have to do with the scrolling effect

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Dizziness after being on the computer. a friday late afternoon after a week of computer use at work. the dizziness stayed for days. same symptoms like i'd been dizziness after using ipad I have definitely experienced dizziness and nausea after being on the computer andor iPad for an extended period. Time to unplugand it goes away. Jun 07, 2018  How to Avoid iPhone or iPad Nausea. iPhones and iPads have very high resolution displays that are Some have reported nausea after few seconds of use Sep 26, 2013 Disgruntled iPhone and iPad users have iPhone, iPad users report iOS 7related I had severe vertigo the minute I started using my iPad with iOS